Welcome to the Real Estate Assistant Society


What is a Real Estate Assistant?

A real estate assistant is an individual knowledgeable of real estate procedures and terms as it relates to the support staff personnel and supports the real estate broker, agent, and other support staff members with daily activities related to listing, marketing, closing, leads management, blogging, website services, reo management, short sales processing, etc.

Real Estate Assistants are also known as real estate professional assistants, personal assistants, administrative assistants, virtual assistants, and real estate office assistants. There are two type of real estate assistants, licensed and unlicensed.

Real Estate Assistants play a vital role in the success of a full office and/or the success of the single agent. Since most agent are in business to draw an income while building a successful client base, the busy broker and agent cannot complete all of the tasks required to manage the business by him or herself.

The successful real estate professional seeks success by partnering with real estate assistants that have the experience, skill sets, knowledge, personality, attitude, and most of all, the drive to help the busy broker/agent move to the next level and succeed.

What is the Mission of the Real Estate Assistant Society (REAS)?

The mission of the Real Estate Assistant Society (REAS) is to provide a networking group for industry real estate assistants to share ideas, resources, promote unity, increase experience, and enhance individual skill sets through training and other educational opportunities.

Our members are listed as licensed and unlicensed real estate assistants that offer onsite and/or offsite (virtual or remote) services. The type of services provided varies by members and each member can provide a list of services. Current REAS members can be found around the USA, USA Territories, and Canada.

There a two levels of membership, Professional REAS Members and Basic REAS Members. We encourage all experience REAS members to have a minimum of 2 years real estate assistant or real estate sales experience with expertise in their selected profession. Basic members are newcomers to the industry with less than 2 years of ongoing experience and are continuously building their skills and gaining experience in the real estate industry.

We encourage each person interested in joining the Real Estate Assistant Society to evaluate their skill set, experience, and training prior to joining and offering services to real estate professionals.

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